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dehydration – see a doctor, slam a door on your finger – be very painful, badly gash your leg – have stitches, slip & break your arm – put on a cast, bang your head, put ice on it – с. ..... Магазины; shoe shop, clothes shop, supermarket, chemist's, bookshop, optician's, jeweller's, post office, butcher's, baker's, florist's – с.


за месяц advance smb. a month's salary; ~ в счёт зарплаты advance on one's salary, ◊ делать ~ы make* overtures / advances. ...... булочная ж. baker's (shop). ...... восторг м. enthusiasm; (восхищение) delight; смотреть на кого-л. с ~ом gaze rapturously at smb.; быть в ~е от чего-л. be* in raptures over smth., be* ...


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Bakers Delight head workplace even concede they’re entitled to back-pay. The underpayment is important. Ms Handsley, doing her VCE, is presently getting paid $15.02 an hour for her weekly Sunday shift, when she must be getting greater than $27 an hour.


An analysis of pay slips and rosters found many sales staff at Bakers Delight's company-run stores in Victoria and Queensland have been missing out on penalty rates and overtime pay, meaning they are often paid less than the award, the basic wages safety net.


Bakers Delight is one of Australia's most popular bakeries.


Bakers Delight is a large Australian owned bakery franchise chain with outlets locally and also in New Zealand and Canada. It was established in 1980 as a single bakery on Glenferrie Road in the Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn, Victoria. Bakers Delight has over 700 bakeries globally.


Bakers Delight Albion Park Rail.


Every day, in every bakery, Bakers Delight bakers use real ingredients to bake unreal bread.


Working at Bakers Delight involves having fun, pushing yourself to constantly improve and achieve goals, making friends and working as a team. Roles at Bakers Delight vary from sales, baking and management to corporate support staff and franchisee...


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