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Это полная версия викторины «Грамотей для детей», в которой доступно больше уровней, больше слов на интересные темы и отключена реклама. В викторине для детей подобраны самые интересные слова, разбитые по темам, например, «дом», «природа», «еда» и многие другие. Суть викторины  ...

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Brain Teasers for Kids and Adults! Create mind bending worksheets that include rebus, logic puzzles, riddles and more.

Brain Teasers. Do you want to exercise those little grey cells?

Brain Teasers for Kids. Kids love brainteasers, as long as they do not get too frustrated trying to figure them out.

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Sample Brain Teaser. What is greater than God, more evil than the devil, the poor have it, the rich need it, and if you eat it, you'll die?

Brain Teasers. These are the puzzles that require thought, intellect and a dab of creativity. Logic puzzles may require you to think hard and sometimes think outside the box.

Brain Teasers. puzzles, riddles, mathematical problems, word games, mastermind, cinemania, music, sport... These are the tasks listed 1 to 10.

Brain Teasers for each Cognitive Ability. More Mind Teasers & Games for Adults of any Age.