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Use these words in the suitable blanks in the sentences below: 1. ..... For example, in the British economy coal miners were able to use the renewed ...... Planned economies are sometimes called "command economies" because the state ...


Many translated example sentences containing "единый" – English-Russian ... the impact of planned interventions and targets to measure performance.


A prime example of this occurs when interest rates are increased, the media responds by .... Paraphrase these sentences into Past and Future Tenses. 1. ... Planned economies are sometimes called 'command economies' because the state ...


Indirect reports of commands consist of a reporting clause, and a reported ... wanting or getting people to do something, for example, advise, encourage, warn :.


8 мар 2005 ... Translate the sentences using the appropriate phrasal verb. 1. ..... Study the Vocabulary List and translate all the examples. 1. ..... We are pleased you finally ( clear) your position on market economy. ...... Note: remember that to report commands you can use the verbs tell, order, command, forbid; and to.


Russian grammar employs an Indo-European inflexional structure, with considerable ... main subject;; default case to use outside sentences (dictionary entries, signs, etc.); ...... Other forms can express command in Russian; for third person, for example, пусть particle ..... Shares are plummeting because of the economic crisis.


The latter operate under the same laws as criminal courts but that sentences for .... The command economy imposed by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics ...


... сигнал , добавляемые в расписание. Using "Ждать" in a sentence. ... Examples: ... Wait Signal Commands That Should Be Added to Schedule. Отец Педро ...


The former USSR and some other eastern bloc countries are examples of countries ... Command economies rely almost totally on ... to make economic decisions ...... They may not impose a sentence of more than six months imprisonment or a ...


Example: “Command economy” is just another word for government controlled everything.


Definition of command economy: An economy in which market mechanisms are replaced by a centralized state authority which


India has a commanded economy under the new prime minister. Itmeans the country has economy in its hands.


Definition of command economy: An economy where supply and price are regulated by the government rather than market forces.


A large number of translated example sentences for "Command Economy" from english to russian: The demolition of a command economy and the creation of the foundations of a free society has been a.


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Sentence Examples. Given the increasingly run-down nature of these command economies, the oil price shocks dealt a crucial blow to regimes running an already bankrupt economic system. And Western businesses and financial institutions entered the scene, too, ensnaring command...


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