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After resetting the PMU, be. sure to reset the time, date, and other system parameter settings. General Information. Power Mac G4 (Mirror/FW800) Troubleshooting - 9.


My iMac doesnt turn on at all. Thats why I think resetting the PMU could help.


Our iMac G4 17" Flat Panel 1Ghz had died recently. We tried resetting the PMU, and heard an electrical discharge inside the machine (like it was trying to work.) At this point it had not been powering on at all, and so we just replaced the power supply.


Press the PMU reset switch once on the bottom side of the logic board. Do NOT press the PMU reset switch a second time because it could crash the PMU chip. The switch is near the memory slot, next to the airport card.


Ok, resetting the PMU is the last resort. If that doesn't bring your Mac back to life there's something seriously wrong.


How-To: Setup a Portable Studio using iPhone Voice Memo. Mac Troubleshooting: iMac (2004) G5 PMU. Mac Troubleshooting: Mac mini (Early 2009) and Resetting the SMC.


Here's what happens unless you reset the PMU before booting.


Reset SMC or PMU, Reset your computer's SMC or PMU, and then check System (SMC reset instructions for iMac G5 (iSight), Intel-based iMacs, PMU reset...


[Editor's warning: "A MacInTouch reader warned about gratuitous use of the flat panel iMac's hidden, special reset switch, something Apple Support sometimes has customers use when the computer fails to operate. This operation apparently resets the "PMU" (Power Management Unit)...