Image caption Right-wing leaders hope to capitalise on improved poll ratings and form a powerful bloc in the EU Parliament.

Domestic intelligence agency to begin monitoring elements of anti-immigration party.

Accusations that the party's members are right-wing radicals or a danger to democracy are "an expression of political helplessness" by mainstream politicians

The far-right in Germany quickly re-organised itself after the fall of Nazi Germany and the dissolution of the Nazi Party in 1945. However, the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD)...

After days of unrest in eastern Germany, German politicians are calling for the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) to be placed under police surveillance.

Germany’s eurosceptic right-wing party has hit a new all-time high in the opinion polls as concern about migration rises in the country.

Right-wing parties have been on the make for years in Europe and are already governing in several countries - some even holding absolute majorities. Here, an abbreviated overview outside Germany.

Right-wing parties have been achieving electoral success in a growing number of nations.

If the polls are right, Angela Merkel is headed for four more years as Germany's chancellor. While there's no change expected at the top, for the first time...

A poll published on Friday says Alternative for Germany (AfD) would take 18 per cent of the vote if there were Bundestag elections on Sunday, making them the the second-strongest party in the country after the Union.

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