Iceman is Chinese Kung Fu movie starring Donnie Yen. I am a big fan of Yen but this one has a twist. It's about three warriors from 400 years ago who were frozen, comes back to life in modern times. The story is intriguing and plot is unique. The action is still great and overall an enjoyable movie.

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Juno Mak’s debut feature Rigor Mortis is an eerie and chilling, contemporary action- and special effects-laden homage to the classic Chinese vampire movies of the 1980s.

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It's uneven, and more than a little mystifying, but "Rigor Mortis" is also a bittersweet coda to a deliriously silly series of films.

Director: Koldo Azkarreta. Four criminals have succeeded in a robbery hundred fifty million pesetas. Too much money to some extent even conform to distribute. Each of them wants to keep it all and also starts the war between the four. The more daring try a pact with the police.

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