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Samsung's Galaxy S9 might not come with a major design overhaul, but at least one report suggests that its battery life could deliver substantial improvement over last


After your battery has drained completely, Jack Wallen shows you how to get your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 to turn back on.


That big, bright, show-off screen and beefy Mar 10, 2014 These ideas (and screenshots) were based on my Samsung Galaxy S3, but they can also apply to other Android devices or iPhones as well, since many of We all know how to use airplane mode to save battery life...


Samsung Galaxy S9 has suffered a monumental leak – days before the South Korean technology company is due to take the wraps off the new handset.


Do you know of any other ways to save battery on your Galaxy S3? — modified on Jan 26, 2015 5:50:38 PM by moderator.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is a genuine iPad Pro alternative, and one of the best Android tablets around.


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The use of Ultra power saving mode will switch your device's screen to grayscale and turn off nonessential applications for maximum battery life usage.