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Sudan Flag Meaning: Red, white, black and green are called the pan-Arab colors and have been historically linked to the Arab people and Islamic religion for centuries.


Sudan Flag - colors meaning/symbolism


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Meaning of the flag.


Sudan flag - colors meaning - What they represent - symbolism of national flag of Sudan with pictures and images - All about Sudan flag information for kids Find and save ideas about South sudan flag on Pinterest.


We provide Sudan national flag, which is also know as Sudan country flag. Total 4 sizes for Sudan national flag are avaiable, and all national flags are free to use. Beside we provide meaning of Sudan national flag to better understand and remember.


This horizontal banner is a tricolor, meaning that this flag is made up of 3 bands (also called stripes). This flag also displays a triangle on the left side of the... State of Sudan: National Ensign | Articles Today.


The flag of Sudan (Arabic: علم السودان‎) was adopted on 20 May 1970, and consists of a horizontal red-white-black tricolour, with a green triangle at the hoist. The flag is based on the Arab Liberation Flag shared by Egypt, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen...