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c - Using fscanf for reading formatted string from file. Reading a string with spaces in Fortran.


fscanf reads formatted input from the FILE designated by f according to the format specified by the string format .


You can indeed use fscanf to read a string with spaces, but if a space itself marks the end, then I suspect that it is not possible. Furthermore, if you just use %s with no regard for field width, you are susceptible to buffer overflow.


It is using fscanf to get strings from a file. The file contains 3 lines of text with two strings separated by a space in each line.


The format string pointed to by format-string can contain one or more of the following: White space characters, as specified by isspace(), such as blanks and newline characters. A white space character causes fscanf(), scanf(), and sscanf() to read, but not to store, all consecutive white space...


I'm trying to read comet names from a text file with fscanf and when I use %s, the read stops at the first space in the name, then considers the remaining string to be the next data field. When I use %c which is supposed to read spaces...


I noticed that all the Reading strings with spaces from a file. $fi=[io. To read multiple characters at a time, specify field width.


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